Our Story

Since 1991

28 Years of Experience Makes us the Best

Casamia Pizza has been creating the freshest and best tasting pizza since 1991. We love exceeding the expectations of our customers by providing a fast and affordable service that just can't be beat. It has taken decades of service to perfect our recipes but the result is the best pizza around. Next time you are craving a cheesy slice of goodness call us and put our pizza to the test!

We offer delicious specialty pizzas, freshly baked chicken wings, multiple flavours of bread sticks, crisp salads, and a few tasty extras, all made with superb produce, sourced as locally as possible.

Our secret is simple, we provide only the freshest dough and ingredients every time, all the time. Every day we make fresh pizza dough to ensure our quality is the best in town. We also top our pizzas with fresh vegetables that keep our customers raving every time. There is simply no better pizza delivery or take-out in the Bay Area.

Quality is at the heart of our pizzeria - we're committed to making sure all our ingredients are the best possible quality and produced in a sustainable way. Which means that, when you come in, you can rest assured you're eating the best produce from local suppliers who we know, trust and who share the same values.